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.AuctionStore.comTM is an Internet-based auctioneer of consigned merchandise whose primary medium of sales is eBay®. The premise of AuctionStore.comTM is simple. A customer drops off Goods they would like to sell at our location, or requests that we pick up the goods, we then arrange for those Goods to be sold online via an eBay® auction. After the Goods are sold and funds clear the customer is sent a check.
eBay® ( pioneered online person-to-person trading by developing a global online trading platform that helps anyone buy or sell virtually anything. eBay® is the world’s largest marketplace. eBay® permits sellers to list Goods for sale, buyers to bid on Goods of interest and all eBay® users to browse through listed Goods in a fully automated and easy-to-use online service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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